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Why Should You Use A Licensed Plumber?

Not only is water important, but it can also be dangerous. If water is dirty or contaminated, then it can lead to serious health problems. But even if the water is clean, if it is going where it shouldn't be going, then you could have a problem!

Your water needs to be clean and it needs to stay in the pipes! Water which leaks over the floor or walls can ruin your carpets or paint, and can even cause dangerous mold or undermine building foundations. Water which leaks onto electrical cables can cause dangerous shorts or even fires.

Because of the importance of water, it is vitally important to ensure that your plumber is a dedicated, knowledgeable expert. John Snyder of American Backflow Certification & Repair is an insured, licensed, Master Plumber.

A licensed plumber will make sure that all his work confirms to or exceeds all State and Federal laws and standards. An insured plumber is covered in the event of damage or accident. And only a Master Plumber has the knowledge to deal with any and all problems that you might have.

Why settle for less when you can hire John Snyder, a fully insured, licensed Master Plumber, president of American Backflow Certification & Repair?


Fully Licensed and Insured

Certified in Plumbing Design (CPD)

We meet or exceed Plumbing Code requirements

We aim to meet or exceed your plumbing expectations

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

If you’re a homeowner, commercial property owner or property manager in southeast Michigan experiencing any of the following:

Water has strange taste or color
Contaminated Water
Lawn or Fire Sprinkler System Problems
Boiler Problems
Water Heater Problems

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