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How Important Is Clean Water?

Clean water is very important. In fact, there is really nothing more important than that to health, life and welfare. Did you know that over half of the human body is made of water? Without water, we can only survive for about four days!

Think of all the uses you put water to in your home or business - not merely drinking, but washing and food preparation. You use water to clean your dishes and your teeth, to wash your hands after using the bathroom and to clean your floors. And, in the Summer, what kid doesn't like to play with the garden hose? If your water was dirty or contaminated, then you would be spreading this contamination everywhere!

Did you know that you can't see most contamination? It's easy to tell when water had mud or paint in it - but you can't see or smell bacteria and many chemicals. And many of these bacteria are very dangerous.

As you can see, clean water is very important. Because of the complexity of water delivery and sewage systems it is very important to use a licensed Master Plumber. Additionally, because of the contamination which can occur as a result of backflow it is an excellent idea to select a Master Plumber who is familiar with this aspect of plumbing. John Synder and American Backflow Certification and Repair are very familiar with this problem - and are dedicated to getting you clean water to drink, wash and play with!


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